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At this page you will find the version history of Graybox OPC Server Toolkit.


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OPC Toolkit Version History

version 3.0.31

Fixed a bug in unregister function that lead to an exception when called for several OPC servers hosted in a single Windows service.

version 3.0.30

Fixed a bug in .NET Wrapper that caused exceptions on x64 platforms.

version 3.0.29

Added OPC server sample solutions for VS2017.

Prebuilt .NET samples are now built for .NET4.0.

New installer.

version 3.0.28

Fixed bugs in the implementation of LookupItemIDs and GetItemProperties methods of IOPCItemProperties interface that caused warning in Compliance Test Tool.

Added a binary version of CLR OPC Wrapper for .NET4.0.

version 3.0.27

Fixed a bug in IOPAsyncIO2.Write implementation that may cause error if some of the tags which are beeing written are read only.

version 3.0.26

Fixed a bug in IOPCBrowse interface implementation, occured with GB_SRV_CHILDLESS set for OPC server instance.

IntPtr CLR type can be used now as an 64-bit UserID identifier for OPC tags.

version 3.0.25

It is possible now to override the default maximum number of async requests.

64-bit pointers can be used as a tag user ID and tag access path ID (for x64 platforms).

version 3.0.24

New OPC server example ClrOpcService, a C# OPC server implemented as a Windows NT service.

version 3.0.23

An OPC branch can be created without adding a corresponding OPC tag. This feature allows to create empty OPC branches.

version 3.0.22

Improved OPC Server state management functions (GBSetState and others).

Added a possibility to substitue CACHE reads with DEVICE reads.

Added a flag, that instructs the Toolkit not to use OPC_QUALITY_LOCAL_OVERRIDE as a default quality for write operations.

version 3.0.21

OPC interface proxy/stub libraries and merge modules are updated.

version 3.0.20

Fixed x64 incompatibility bug in gbdaclr2.dll module.

version 3.0.19

By default OPC Servers accept any LCID in OPC Group creation requests.

Added x64 version of the .NET wrappers.

Remove CoInitializeSecurity call from Windows CE OPC Server example.

version 3.0.18

Added UAC support in OPC Server samples registration scripts.

version 3.0.17

OPC COM proxy/stub libraries updated.

Fixed installation problem on Vista and Windows 7.

version 3.0.16

Solved a problem with the tags browsing from the client code, created with OPC .NET API.

version 3.0.15

Fixed a bug, that could possibly cause an inconsistency with the OPC DA specification when removing an OPC group before all its interfaces are released.

Added Visual Basic.NET samples.

version 3.0.14

Fixed a little inconsistency with the OPC DA specification in OPC Property 8 processing (EU Units Info).

version 3.0.13

.NET assemblies are now strong-named.

Fixes in OPC server samples.

Added new OPC server samples for Windows and Windows CE: ClrTagPolling, ClrCreateTags, ClrOPCProperties.

version 3.0.12

Added new .NET Wrapper 2 (gbdaclr2) for .NET Compact Framework.

Minor changes in the API of .NET Wrapper (gbda_clr).

Added samples for .NET CF and Windows CE. Changes in existing OPC server samples for .NET.

Flat Wrapper is introduced. Now it's possible to access the Toolkit from different native programming languages, not only C++.

Added source codes of proxy libraries, CCM and OPCEnum for Windows CE.

version 3.0.11

Added x64 support. Added OPC Proxy/Stub merge module for x64.

version 3.0.10

MinOpc and VclOpc for Borland C++ Builder 6 were added.

version 3.0.9

Now OPC Toolkit includes gbda3.dll versions for OPC servers development for Windows CE.

CLRLifeTime added - a sample OPC server written in C#.

GBOnServerReleased event is not invoked anymore if GBOnServerReleased event handler had already returned S_FALSE earlier.

version 3.0.8A

OCPDAServer.RegisterServer and OPCDAServer.UnregisterServer methods are now declared as static.

Fixed bug in GBOnWriteItems proccessing in dotNET Wrapper.

version 3.0.8

dotNET Wrapper added into the toolkit package. Now it is possible to use .NET languge to develop OPC servers with Graybox OPC Server Toolkit.

CLRMinOpc added - a sample OPC server written in C#.

version 3.0.7

OPC server registration methods can handle very long file names now.

Now the actual canonical data types are passed to GBOnReadItems instead of a possible VT_EMPTY in the case then OPC client requests tags reading from the DEVICE passing VT_EMPTY as a requested tag value data type.

GB_SRV_FREEERRSTR flag added. This flag made it possible to create a full-fledged .NET Wrapper for Graybox OPC Server Toolkit which will become available soon.

version 3.0.6

New OPC Proxys. OPC Toolkit core libraries left unchanged.

version 3.0.5

OPC Foundation OPC DA2 and OPC DA3 compliance tests successfully passed.

Fixed error in the GBGetItems method declaration in GB_OPCDA.h.
guiddef.h is included in the tookit package.
Added GBInitialize method overload. OPC tag names branch separator can be specified now.
Fixes made in the OPC Server samples. Now sample OPC Servers are fully compliant with OPC DA2/3 specifications.

version 3.0.4

Minor changes in samples for Visual Studio.

version 3.0.3

Fixed bug in OPCItemIO::ReadMaxage processing.

version 3.0.2

Fixed bug occured in VQT with VT_EMTPY value writings. Now such values are not being transfered to the server cache.

version 3.0.1

Changes in VC6 samples.

version 3.0.0

First version with OPC Data Access 3.00 support.

version 2.4.6

Added VclOpc samples for C++ Builder.

Correct processing of the OPC Groups with zero update rate.

version 2.4.5

Support of the compilers which use OMF binary format.

Added OMF toolkit version: gbda2_omf.dll, gbda2_omf.lib

version 2.4.4

Added in-proc OPC Servers development support.

Added GBDataAccessInproc class used to develop OPC Servers located in a DLL-file.
Added MinOpcInp sample for VC6 and Visual Studio 2005.

version 2.4.3

OPC Toolkit now links dynamicaly.

LIB-files for static linkage (gbda2s_x.lib, gbda2sw_x.lib) are no longer used, but left in the toolkit package for backward compability.

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