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This page contains the answers to the frequently asked questions about Graybox OPC Server Toolkit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is OPC Data Access 3.00 specification supported?

Yes. Graybox OPC Server Toolkit is fully compliant with OPC Data Access 3.00 starting form version 3.00. OPC DA3 is also supported in OPC Toolkit demo version.

Is in-proc OPC Servers development supported in your OPC Toolkit?

Yes, in-proc servers development support was added in Graybox OPC Server Toolkit v2.4.6. Use the GBDataAccessInproc class.

Which development environment should i use to be able to develop OPC Server with Graybox OPC Server Toolkit?

Graybox OPC Server Toolkit is compatible with almost any C++ compiler which support dynamic linkage. You can use OMF or COFF compliant compiler. Examples are Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Developer Studio, Itel compilers and others.

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