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Here you will find the description of GBRegsrv for Windows CE.


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GBRegsvr is a command line tool used to register COM servers located in a DLL-module. This tool is similar to Microsoft regsvr32 but it works on Windows CE.

This tool loads the specified DLL-module and calls DllRegisterServer or DllUnregisterServer export function. You may run this tool from the command line or from within your application in silent mode. If tool succeeds to register/unregister COM-servers than it returns zero exit code.

Operating Systems

This tool works on Windows CE 1.0 and later.


Supported platforms:

  • ARMV4;
  • ARMV4I;
  • SH3;
  • SH4;
  • x86;
  • Microsoft Windows CE Device Emulator x86.


Command line syntax:
gbregsrv.exe DLLNAME [-u] [-s]

  • DLLNAME - name of the DLL with or without path to it;
  • -u - if this key is specified than unregistration will take place instead of registration;
  • -s - silent mode, no message boxes.


You can download GBRegsrv for free. Furthermore, you can use it and redistibute it freely. There are no limitation for this tool.

Download GBRegsrv (Windows CE)...

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