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OPC HDA Auto Wrapper

Here you will find the description of OPC HDA Auto Wrapper.


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OPC Historical Data Access Auto Interface

The fundamental design goal is that this interface is intended to work as a 'wrapper' for existing OPC Historical Data Access Custom Interface Servers providing an automation friendly mechanism to the functionality provided by the custom interface.

The automation interface provides nearly all of the functionality of the required and optional Interfaces in the OPC Historical Data Access Custom Interface. If the OPC Historical Data Access Custom server supports the interface, the functions and properties at the automation level will work. Automation interfaces generally do not support optional capabilities in the same way that the custom interface does. If the underlying custom interface omits some optional functionality then the corresponding automation functions and properties will exhibit some reasonable default behavior.

Automation Wrapper

Graybox OPC HDA Auto Wrapper is a DLL-module, in which all of the needed OLE-objects are implemented. After registering this module, you will be able to use any OPC Historical Data Access Server with almost any OLE enabled programming language (Visual Basic, VBA, etc).


Do the following steps to install the Wrapper:

  • download Graybox OPC HDA Auto Wrapper;
  • unzip the archive;
  • copy gbhda_aw.dll to Windows\System32 folder;
  • register this module - enter regsvr32 gbhda_aw.dll in the command line.

To remove Graybox OPC HDA Auto Wrapper from your system registry enter
regsvr32 gbhda_aw.dll -u.


You can download Graybox OPC HDA Auto Wrapper for free. Furthermore, you can use it and redistibute with you products freely. There are no license limitation for this product.

Download Graybox OPC HDA Auto Wrapper....

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