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» What is OPC technology?

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is open connectivity in industrial automation and the enterprise systems that support industry. Interoperability is assured through the creation and maintenance of open standards specifications.

» What is OPC Toolkit?

OPC Toolkit is a set of development tools used to create OPC related applications. Our OPC Toolkit eliminates the necessity of implementing OPC interfaces and decreases the time of development offering convenient API.

» Why choosing Graybox?

Using Graybox OPC Server Toolkit you can create highly effective robust OPC Data Access 3.00 compliant OPC Servers within the shortest possible time in any C++ or .NET development environment.

OPC Toolkit

« Free OPC Toolkit with full DA3 support

Free version of our OPC Toolkit now supports OPC Data Access 3.00. Download Graybox OPC Server Toolkit Demo to insure that our OPC Toolkit complies with your development needs.

Download Graybox OPC Server Toolkit Demo...

« .NET Support

API for the .NET development is available in Graybox OPC Server Toolkit starting from version 3.0.8.

This API is available in the source code.

OPC Toolkit

« Free OPC Simulator

Gray Simulator provides any OPC Client application with simulated COM and DCOM based communications. Use the Simulator to test compliance of any OPC 1.0, 2.05 and 3.0 compatible HMI, SCADA or custom application.

Download Gray Simulator...

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